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Mason Companies, Inc.

Mason Companies, Inc. Consolidates Multiple Growing Fulfillment Operations Under One Roof

With the high degree of variation in products, Mason has added new automation to accommodate each stage in their growth, over many years. StreamTech began working with Mason in 2007, and has provided many different systems for the company throughout the years, in different buildings. Mason has now consolidated the others under a new, much larger distribution and fulfillment center where all their fulfillment lines - for each brand - can sit under one roof. Today, Mason’s 425,000 square feet “MFC” (Mason Fulfillment Center) 425,000 square foot building fulfills between 25k to 60k items per day.

DCL Logistics

See How Experienced 3PL Uses Automation to Scale Fulfillment Services for High-Growth Brands

One of the needs of many eCommerce brands is the ability for their logistics provider to adapt to quickly changing order volume. During promotions, a new product launch, sales, or peak demand—such as the holiday season, when shopping is at an all time high—daily order volume can double or triple what is seen during the typical off-season day. Having a 3PL with the tools to adapt to this very normal part of eCommerce business is key. Quality fulfillment (products sent out accurately and on-time) is directly correlated to high customer satisfaction. So when an experienced 3PL like DCL Logistics looks for ways to keep their customers happy, they look to their automation tools to help them scale up, or down, with only a moment’s notice.

Pic the Gift

Custom Gift Company Implements First Fulfillment Automation, Sees 60% Improvement in Labor Efficiency

Labor-intensive and error-prone manual fulfillment took too many resources from PTG's core manufacturing process and required too much training especially during peak holiday surge periods when team members were rotating between different roles. In less than 3 months with the new equipment, the Pic the Gift team has been able to familiarize themselves with the system enough to now rely on it for over 40% of their goods. In the company’s first holiday season with the new automation, Pic the Gift was able to fulfill the same amount of packages with 60% less labor required for the fulfillment process.


Identifying the Order Inside Open Cartons Reduces Equipment Costs

The result of this custom identification design is that Build A Sign saved considerably on project costs by eliminating two dedicated LPN application areas, the printers, and their conveyor. It saves space in their warehouse, and streamlines the operation with fewer steps. The result means a faster ROI, and re-allocation of dedicated labor.

Rotech® Healthcare Inc.

Improvements in Pick and Pack Automation Pave the Way for Multi-Carrier Savings.

Rotech’s new automation accomplishes their goal of lowering costs, optimizing labor, increasing throughput and daily order capacity. The addition of new multi-carrier shipping automation improves their Return On Investment (ROI) further and puts them in more control of their costs.

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