Fulfill Daily Order Volume With Automation

Fulfill Daily Order Volume With Automation

Fulfill Daily Order Volume With Automation

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The Problem:

An eyeglass fulfillment operation faced significant challenges in delivering its daily orders to over 500+ stores across the United States and Canada within designated timeframes. Despite employing several full-time workers dedicated to order fulfillment, the operation encountered difficulties in keeping up with the workload, leading to a high frequency of manual errors.

The issue was further compounded by a typical backlog that extended a staggering 80 feet back into the packing area, severely impacting the company’s operational efficiency.

Our Solution:

StreamTech provided a complete bolt-on addition to the customer’s UPS Worldship application. Instead of a unique order ID or license plate, each carton had a label that simply represented a store. We also included customized end-of-day reporting. Overall the system helped the customer gain the following benefits:

  • Removing non-value added manifesting labor
  • Eliminating manual weighing and dimensioning errors
  • Clearing up backlog
  • Reclaiming floor space from many manual workstations
  • Allowing the customer supervisors to leave on-time and get home to their families.

The local conveyor integrator noted how easily the Sprinter™ was able to control adjacent conveyors for seamless automation. Another system is on order for a second facility!

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