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Smart Systems to Help You Compete in E-Commerce.

StreamTech is a leader in cost-effective, modularized order fulfillment automation that installs and starts up quickly to help you realize your investment.

We design, manufacture, and integrate innovative automation systems with advanced software and controls to help our customers reduce labor, improve quality, and speed their operations. Typical systems include automated sortation & shipping, scanning and labeling, picking and packing, robotics, checkweighers, and automatic box opening systems. Our engineering team provides engineering analysis of operating data to ensure an optimum system design and uses high-fidelity simulations to verify it will meet your needs. We assemble, integrate and test systems at our facility before implementation to minimize disruption and downtime and provide for a seamless installation.

As the cost of labor rises while the costs of information technology decrease, new opportunities to supplement or replace “sneaker power” move from imagination, to feasibility, and then to economic viability. We understand that innovation is necessary for us to grow and are constantly developing and testing new products that help our customers become more nimble, more accurate, and more efficient as the logistics industry continues to evolve.

StreamTech works hard to provide built-in reliability and ease-of-maintenance using common programming modules built in “Steps” for easier troubleshooting, open-architecture PLC logic with industry standard components, hardware-based remote support to eliminate the need for VPN, graphical sensor layouts to enhance troubleshooting, and user-friendly displays. We support our systems both remotely and with onsite technicians as needed to guarantee your up-time.

We enjoy building and servicing systems and helping our customers get more efficient and profitable at a reasonable cost, and we enjoy the customer and supplier relationships we have built up over the years.

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StreamTech Process

We follow a common methodology to ensure your project’s success and we continually work to improve our own processes.

Business Analysis & Concept

Understand your business goals and study your operational data, before recommending a solution based on sound engineering and business principles. Often commissioned to perform an engineered analysis and simulation of results.

System Design & Programming

After customer approval of a detailed funtional description, we configure StreamTech software modules and other best-of-breed equipment with machine controls to create an integrated system design based on the operational goals defined in the business analysis.

Manufacturing & Integration

Design and manufacture custom items to solve your unique problems. Assemble, integrate and test the system in our facility for quick, easy installation in yours.

Install, Train, Support

Install & commission the system in your facility and train your operators and maintenance personnel on best practice. Provide expert remote and onsite support as a part of every new installation.

What our Customers Say next prev

  • After 3 years of trying to get a competitor's system to work, we gave up on it and bought a shipping system from StreamTech, who integrated with our customized instance of ShipRush. The reliability and speed of StreamTech's system saved us significant direct labor, increased throughput, and greatly reduced our stress levels during the critical holiday season.

    Marvin S, President, Luxury Goods B2C Retailer

  • StreamTech replaced a competitor's controls and software on our existing conveyor, and modified the system to reduce jams and increase throughput from 500 to 1,300 cases per hour allowing us to redeploy 4 people. I would recommend them to anyone who wants a job done right the first time.

    Bruce M, Manager of Distribution, Medical Device Manufacturer

  • We purchased the first Sprinter™ manufactured by StreamTech and installed it just a few weeks prior to our holiday rush season. The system ran flawlessly and paid for itself in just a couple of months. It is integrated with Proship and our Oracle WMS.

    Denise W, Director of Engineering, 3PL & Marketing Company

  • StreamTech manufactured and installed a duplex-packlist & manifest system program on a tight schedule across (5) of our facilities. They took care to meet our timing needs and build robust solutions, integrating them with our Manhattan WMS and providing great service and support. The program has been a huge success for our company allowing us to redeploy 30 team members to more productive work.

    Rob P, Industrial Eng., Multi-National 3PL (Hi Tech)

  • We have purchased three StreamTech systems that provide in-motion dimensioning, weight capture and carrier labeling to integrate with Proship and to our WMS. StreamTech listens to us, customizes systems to ensure they meet our needs, and provides excellent remote and onsite service after installation. I would recommend them to others.

    Craig R, Facilities Engineer, Catalog Retailer