StreamTech Engineering Announces Award of World’s Largest Fulfillment Automation Project For 3PL Provider At The North Pole

StreamTech Engineering Announces Award of World’s Largest Fulfillment Automation Project For 3PL Provider At The North Pole

StreamTech Engineering Announces Award of World’s Largest Fulfillment Automation Project For 3PL Provider At The North Pole

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Year’s Entire Volume In One Night

StreamTech Engineering is pleased to announce that it has recently been awarded the world’s largest, fastest, and most complex material handling automation system ever designed, for a prestigious third-party logistics client located at the furthest point of the Northern Hemisphere – the North Pole.

As this 3PL prepares for the holiday shopping season, the most unique requirement was that this system could handle the entire year’s volume in just one evening.

The throughput of the automation system will have to be able to handle over 20 Billion packages, enough for every person in the world to get a few gifts. In order to do this, the system manages sortation to over 4 million sort stations – one for every city.

Complex Fulfillment Automation

Thankfully, these requirements were no problem for the StreamTech team.  The sortation is managed by StreamTech’s WCS Software, which keeps the automation running in concert, and allows the client to easily manage and change locations of sort lanes as needed.

For the millions of feet of conveyance, StreamTech worked closely with its suppliers to source the conveyor with a rapid delivery schedule, as well as a custom-painted red and white striped color, as was required by the client.

What The System Incorporates

The system incorporated a complex arrangement of random carton erectors and baggers, the likes of which the industry has never seen, which fed into the largest continuous in-motion weighing, labeling, and manifesting system ever designed, with just over 2 Million labelers in series, to process over 40 Million packages an hour, to make rate.

This really pushed the boundaries of StreamTech’s engineering team, who was thankfully able to build upon their vast experience with their Sprinter™ SLAM system.

One of the more unique requirements of this system, aside from the extremely cold temperatures, was that it could be integrated into the 3PL’s own proprietary in-house carrier software platform, called Reindeer™. This system is unique in that it operates on magic, and is not seen anywhere else in the material handling industry. Thankfully, it was just a matter of developing a custom API connection to the StreamTech WCS.

Warehouse Efficiency Results

Surprisingly, this will be the first automation system ever used for this large 3PL client. As the industry continues to struggle to find available manual labor, this customer was looking for ways to maximize the efficiency of its elves program.

“Now, our elves will have much more enjoyable jobs, as they can oversee the automation, and don’t have to continue to perform such repetitive tasks. Plus, I can re-allocate some of that labor to our toy assembly program,” said Chris Cringle, Owner of Santa’s WorkShip™ Fulfillment Co.

“This represents a huge opportunity for us to really think outside the box on what’s possible with automation using today’s technology. When Chris approached me with unique requirements like this, we were pleased to be able to step up and deliver something truly remarkable to support such an important customer,” said Bob Miller, Sales Manager of StreamTech.

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*Note: this is obviously satire.  Please understand we’re referring to Santa’s workshop, which is obviously real but we know he does not require automation (of course because he uses magic).

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