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StreamTech in Automation World Magazine

StreamTech was recently featured in an article in Automation World highlighting the use of advanced automation to replace manual labor to provide order fulfillment faster, more accurately and more cost-effectively than possible with human labor.

In particular the article describes a common use for StreamTech WCS in e-fulfillment by using a ‘Reverse Lookup’ technique whereby items are picked generically in bulk, which is very fast and easy – and the specific customer information (packlist, shipping label, sortation lane, collateral items) are customized on-the-fly by the system.  In this case, the low cubic volume of the cartons made a fully automated dispenser practical, as well.  Now, operators need only load a “loaf” of product rather than touching each piece individually.

It also illustrates the successful use of Cognex camera-based barcode scanning technology applied in logistics. Instead of a laser, the a very fast camera takes digital images of the barcode and decodes it with advanced algorithms. Cameras have a number of application advantages over traditional laser scanners, such as:

  • Very high reading speeds; the camera gets many “looks” at a barcode
  • Ability to read small, 2D and damaged codes
  • Configuration software allows real time view of raw data
  • Very high percentage read rates

The Cognex cameras referred to in the article are available in a wide number of cost points allowing a good opportunity to fit multiple applications.  Several cameras can be setup in a master-slave arrangement allowing them to be operated as a single unit, simplifying the system’s controls  and software.

Overall the system was a great opportunity to solve a challenging problem at a reasonable price, enabling StreamTech’s customer to pay off the capital quickly and gain a lot of benefit.

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