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Installation and Controls Systems

Material Handling Integration

Controls Systems

Conveyor System HMITraditional controls systems using PLC and discrete inputs and outputs are rugged and proven.  These types of systems are especially popular in manufacturing environments where the material handling system may be integrated into a manufacturing or packaging line.  The end user may have a maintenance staff with PLC software allowing them to maintain and configure the controls system themselves. In distribution centers, the ability to integrate business data such as order information on a per-package basis becomes the overriding concern.  Discrete control is often provided in embedded controllers as found in 24V MDR conveyor.

In a traditional conveyor control installation, each device such as a sensor, or actuator was wired to the corresponding input or output on the system controller (PC or PLC).  With hundreds of devices, running continuous wiring to every device is complex and expensive.  The first step to reducing this was to provide a node of control with a single data highway and then shorter runs of conventional wiring, it is so metimes referred to as “Remote I/O”.  The next step involved placing all of the devices on a network, in a sense like PCs on a LAN.  There are various networks available:

  • AS-i Bus
  • Device Net
  • Profi Bus
  • Ethernet

 Integration & Installation

Conveyor InstallationWe provide mechanical & electrical installation services for all of our systems.  By pre-assembling our systems the overall time and cost of mechanical and electrical installation is reduced.  Also the use of MDR and other low-voltage technologies has helped reduce installation cost and time.  For our installations we provide a site manager who ensures adherence to codes and standards as well as your satisfaction.