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Duplex Packslip™ Systems

DUPLEX PACKSLIP™ is a family of problem solving technologies that provide for printing on both sides of a label that can be automatically applied to shipments.  StreamTech manufactures systems that allow customers to realize the full potential of this technology.  Typical applications include application of packslip to the back of ship label, return label applications, batch pick and auto-assignment of orders to full-case items, integration of returns collateral like packing instructions, and marketing material including print-in-color. StreamTech duplex packslip systems can achieve throughputs of up to 1,000 cases per hour.

OpDuplex_Packslip_600pxerators build groups of orders in StreamTech software using various filtering criteria. The system uses advanced controls to save energy. It starts automatically when a carton is placed at the infeed conveyor, aligns it to labeling side, identifies, accurately weighs (optional dimweight available), communicates with the host system. StreamTech software redundantly verifies that all label images match. It applies and redundantly verifies the carrier-compliant shipping label, and accumulates the cases on a runout conveyor.  All events are logged in a SQL database on the included Windows PC. As cartons are removed from the discharge conveyor, others move forward automatically allowing a single operator to be highly productive in loading with optional extended conveyor systems.

StreamTech’s expertise in delivering DUPLEX PACKSLIP™ systems at a price that supports a good ROI along with great service and support helps your business achieve your operational goals, save labor cost and capture market share.

Duplex Packslip SystemFull Case Fulfillment: Auto-fulfillment of full case orders represents one of the most dramatic opportunities for DUPLEX PACKSLIP.  You can pick items in bulk, and then then StreamTech system recognizes them by SKU and assigns next available order to the product.  This can save several steps of the pick and pack process.

Returns Automation: StreamTech systems can be used to automate recovery kit applications.  A typical scenario involves application of the outbound label carefully positioned over top of the return label.  The back of the outbound label can be used for return instructions, packlists, or other collateral.  StreamTech has developed unique devices to ensure carton alignment and label adhesion.

Duplex Packslip System Implementation

Duplex Packslip Shipping SystemStreamTech DUPLEX PACKSLIP™ systems are quick to implement. They ship mostly assembled, on wheels and can be in operation in 1-2 days.  All major components are IP-addressable for instant remote support with just a simple internet connection; no VPN is required. They even include a webcam. Most system can be tested manually using the PC.  Scanner statistics, system health and other metrics are captured for advanced reporting with user-configurable data retention. Our proprietary system architecture makes troubleshooting a breeze and enhances remote support capability. Exceptions are clearly enunciated on the system screen, optional tower light display, and via built-in exception labels. Backup table top systems automatically print the associated labels providing an extra layer of redundancy.
StreamTech systems are designed for expandability. All machine-level functions are controlled by an Allen-Bradley Compactlogix PLC allowing end users or integrators to add conveyance functionality such as merges or diverts upstream and or downstream. The system can run in hybrid mode with a ship-label only. Enabling StreamTech’s WCS sortation module provides mult-divert functionality all the way from simple exception and carrier sorting to advanced functions like mixed lanes, waterfall, and multi-lanes for higher volume carriers. The expanded host of options includes in-motion dimensioning, scanning options, interleaved UCC labeling, and others.



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