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Sprinter™ Auto Shipping

SPRINTER™ is a pre-engineered, cost-effective, auto print apply shipping station that integrates with your ERP and multi-carrier system to eliminate direct labor, increase quality, and eliminate the need for manual, dedicated carrier shipping stations.  It can replace up to 4-5 manual shipping stations in the right application. Compared to a high volume automated shipping system, Sprinter is much lower cost, and quicker to implement.

Auto Print Apply Shipping SystemSPRINTER™ eliminates metering station labor with the same technology as StreamTech’s custom shipping systems-adapted to lower-volume fulfillment operations with a pre-engineered approach that is suitable for a vast number of applications. A standardized interface allows it to ‘bolt-in’ with leading multi-carrier systems like Proship or for sophisticated WMS, like Accellos, with multi-carrier built-in.  For customers who don’t use multi-carrier systems, dedicated web services connections to Fedex and UPS are available.

It starts automatically, aligns the carton to the labeling side, identifies, weighs (optional dimensioner), communicates with the host/carrier, applies and redundantly verifies the carrier-compliant shipping label, and accumulates the cases on a runout conveyor.  All events are logged on the included Windows PC. As cartons are removed from the discharge conveyor, others move forward automatically allowing a single operator to be highly productive.

General Specifications

Sprinter Automatic Shipping SystemAuto Print Apply Shipping Station – Complete
Typically 600-1,000 cartons per hour, based on host response
Box Sizes 8 in. x 5 in. x 3 in. up to 30 in. x 20 in. x 20 in.
(Minimum Box Size may be limited if it is not flat-bottomed, or is “tall / skinny”)
Maximum box height variation 10 in. expandable to 18 in. (or more)
Maximum Box weight – 75 lb.
Overall System Size – 10′ long x 4′ wide, plus additional conveyors
StreamTech software with multi-user security
Electrical requirements – 120VAC, single phase 60 Hz, 6 Amps
Pneumatic requirements – None


Options and Accessories

Cubing / Dimweight
Downstream Sortation
Higher Speeds
Custom Dimensions
2D Barcodes
Carrier Web Services
Packslip Automation
Void Fill Automation

Auto Print Apply Shipping Station – Easy to Maintain & Install


SPRINTER™ uses no compressed air and all electrical requirements are satisfied with a single-point, 120VAC grounded plug. It ships assembled, on wheels and can be in operation the next working day.  All major components are IP-addressable for instant remote support with just a simple internet connection; no VPN is required. It even includes a webcam. The auto print and apply ship station is extremely easy to maintain with no complex user adjustments required. All functions can be tested manually using the PC.  Scanner statistics, system health and other metrics are captured for advanced reporting with user-configurable data retention. Exceptions are clearly enunciated on the system screen, optional tower light display, and via built-in exception labels.

Expandability and Customization

Auto Print Apply Ship StationSPRINTER™ is designed for expandability. All machine-level functions are controlled by an Allen-Bradley Compactlogix PLC allowing end users or integrators to add conveyance functionality such as merges or diverts upstream and or downstream. Enabling StreamTech’s WCS sortation module provides mult-divert functionality all the way from simple exception and carrier sorting to advanced functions like mixed lanes, waterfall, and multi-lanes for higher volume carriers. Expanded host of options includes in-motion dimensioning, duplex packslip systems, faster and longer stroke applicators, scanning options, interleaved UCC labeling, and others. Customized systems can manifest and ship up to 4,000 cases per hour.



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