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Conveyor Applications

Conveyor Applications

Applying the right conveyor to the task at hand is critical for success. StreamTech configures, builds, installs, controls and maintains conveyor applications for our clients. We are proud to distribute best-of-breed equipment for a select group of outstanding manufacturers.  As an independent engineering-based integrator we evaluate every application carefully and choose the best equipment for a conveyor system for your operation.  We also supplement standard equipment with our own in-house niche design and manufacturing in order to be nimble and flexible for custom applications. We take care to understand our customer’s needs to ensure that the system proposed is appropriate for our customer’s business goals, space and budget.

Tabletop Conveyor

Table Top Conveyors

Pallet Handling Conveyor

Pallet Handling Conveyors

Ambaflex Spiral Conveyor

Specialty Conveyors

Overhead Conveyors

Overhead Conveyors

Conveyor Applications Design

Demo3D DesignThe best conveyor applications are as much about business and operational goals as it is about the ability to calculate speed and horsepower.  Our engineers work closely with you to understand both your “as is” and “to be” environments and put together concepts that fit your needs to a tee.  Then as part of the design we build a working, physics based model to identify bottlenecks, verify system parameters and give your non-technical personnel a movie of how the system will work that gives them the insight to interact better with the design team and the confidence that the system will meet their needs.


Conveyor System Integration

CaptureFor integrated systems, we normally assemble and test our systems on our floor prior to shipment.  This allows our customers to preview how the system will work and accomplish tweaking in our facility.  Electrical and air systems can be modularized so that subsystems can “plug in” with each other.  The increasing predominance of low-voltage, MDR conveyor, and modern cabling and tray systems has made this more practical.  The end result is an integrated system that goes into our customer’s facility quickly and seamlessly helping them avoid expensive downtime and disruption.


Installation and Startup

Clean up during installationOnsite we are focused on safety, code compliance and helping you get business benefit from your new system. Sites are kept clean and neat for safety, efficiency and aesthetic purposes. Our dedicated project managers lead the effort from installation through go-live and training.  Every project has electronic punchlist signed off by the customer to ensure your satisfaction. As with any new automation, challenges may arise and we work with our customers closely to address them. The optimum use of conveyor technologies provides a wide variety of benefits for distributors and manufacturers:


  • Buffer between processes
  • Improve Ergonomics
  • Elevate into unused overhead space
  • Consolidate material together
  • Align or Position Items
  • Reduce use of carts & forklifts
  • Support Automatic Sortation
  • Pace Manufacturing Operations
  • Eliminate hand scanning
  • Facilitate cubing & weighing