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2017 Trends in the Pharmaceutical Packaging Market

With the pharmaceutical packaging market set to be worth an $80 Billion Industry by 2020, this is an industry to keep an eye on. As we transition into 2017, per Logistics Magazine there are some key trends to be on the lookout for

  1. Plastic bottles are surpassing glass container usage. Plastic pharmaceutical bottles are becoming the most widely used container. Sales are estimated to increase to $20.6 billion by 2020.
  2. Blister Packaging is expected to come in right behind plastic bottles in the race for best-selling pharmaceutical packaging. This is becoming a useful technology in the growing popularity of unit dose formats.
  3. Pouch utilization is slowing down in this industry since the two above are gaining traction.
  4. According to market research firm, Freedonia, pre-fillable syringes will start to make an impact in the pharmaceutical packaging game. It is expected to see a growth of 11% each year.
  5. As our world adapts there is a constant balance between eco-friendly packaging all while still being impactful. As we know, the pharmaceutical market is highly competitive thus leading brand owners to fight the battle of having maximum shelf impact while also appealing to earth-friendly initiatives.
  6. Finally, the final trend expected to emerge in 2017 is an increase in serialization. As regulation requirements become more rigorous, pharmaceutical companies are upping their standards to stay relevant in the game. Companies are increasing their serialization strategies to accommodate for processors wanting to export to overseas markets.